Department of Physical Sciences
Engineering Physics
Anthony Reynolds

Dear Student,

You would like me to write you a letter of recommendation for grad school or a summer internship or a co-op.? I would be happy to do so, but first, you must

1.   Come visit me in my office (in person) and tell me why you are interested in pursuing your chosen path.

2.   Email me (A) a copy of your resume, so that I can learn more about you, and (B) a reminder of which courses you have taken with me.

3.   Email me a detailed list of schools/programs with a (A) deadline date, and (B) method of submission (email, web form, etc). I will write a maximum of 10 letters for you - you should choose your applications carefully, and also I usually have several other students who ask me to write letters (that are usually due around the same time).

4.  That's it. Good luck!

Prof Reynolds