Dr. Andrew J. Kornecki   Professor Emeritus    

Department of Electrical, Computer, Software and System Engineering


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


 CONTACT: kornecka@erau.edu


Resume (short bio below)




Granted Professor Emeritus rank in 2016. Previously, teaching and doing research, while completing MSEE and PhD degrees, with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland (1970-1980). Subsequently he taught at Garyounes University in Benghazi, Libya (1980-1983) and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY (1983-1985). Joined ERAU faculty in 1985 doing research and teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses: computer programming, computer organization (digital logic and microprocessors), discrete structures, modeling and simulation, real-time systems, performance analysis, software safety. In 1988 supervised the first group of students developing application software for the Air Science Simulation Laboratory. Contributed to research on Intelligent Simulation Training System and served as a visiting researcher with the Operations Research Service of the Federal Aviation Administration (1992). He has been involved in activities of the Society for Computer Simulation, including serving on SCS Board of Directors. Served on university committees including chairing of the Faculty Senate Research Committee. In 1995, resulting from the National Science Foundation ILI grant designed and implemented ERAU Real-Time Laboratory. A member of RTCA SC190, SC205, and SC216 committees dedicated to aviation software safety, security certification and of the IFAC Technical Committee on ATC Automation. Since 1998 engaged in the Guidant Project working on testing and certification issues for real-time embedded systems. Invited to serve on the Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems of National Academy of Sciences Committee on Aging Avionics in Military Aircraft. On sabbatical working with Guidant CRM, St.Paul, MN (after merger Boston Scientific), IMTAS and HUMTECH in Washington D.C. contributing to real-time safety critical software training for the FAA Certification Services. With support from the FAA worked as the PI on Assessment of Development Tools for Safety Critical Real-time Systems producing research report, on Tool Evaluation for Complex Electronic Hardware, and as Co-PI on Flight Regime Recognition for Health Usage and Monitoring Systems. In collaboration with three European universities ha has been leading the FIPSE (US Department of Education) sponsored programs: on International Learning Environment for Real-Time (completed) and on Dependable Systems International Research and Educational Experience (website: DeSIRE^2).

Currently, enjoying retirement while still contributing to the graduate programs and research projects.