An IDL GUI for planning observations with the CHARA Array

Don't have IDL?  Download  these two
".sav" files:
1)  chara_plan.sav (the GUI itself; version 1.2.0 for IDL 8.1)
2)  hipp_ra_dec_hd_spec.sav (star catalog)

and run chara_plan.sav with the free
IDL Virtual Machine.

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Version 1.2.0: Updated to work under IDL 8.1. Years updated to 2017. (25/May/11)


Version 1.1.0: Precession added (Hipparcos is epoch J1991.25), sign error in the Z (up) component of v in the (u,v) computation, improved accuracy in the HA <--> UT conversion, and a 0.5 day error in date for Sun's ecliptic coordinates. Thanks to Antoine Merand for helping me locate these bugs. Also new plotting option: Projected Baseline vs. UT. CHARA baseline solution of 2004 9 28 included. (27/Apr/05)


Version 1.0.3: 'set_plot' compatibility for Windows, IDLVM path fix for Windows (11/Mar/05)


Version 1.0.2: Fixed bug reading Hipparcos Catalog which crashes GUI(25/Feb/05)


Version 1.0.1: Bug in S1/E1 selection found by Doug Gies (3/Feb/05)


Version 1.0: GUI redesign for easier telescope/POP selection; User can input RA and DEC (13/Oct/04)


Warnings of illegal POP settings and stars which are always < 30 degrees in altitude (10/jun/04)


W2 cart can move, Polaris special case, plotting improvements (8/apr/04)


POP delay sign error bug fix (23/mar/04)


New "Make PS File" button (19/mar/04)


1st webpage relase (17/mar/04)


Download Documentation

The documentation shows the GUI as it looked before version 1.0 (Oct '04), however all GUI plots and equations remain the same.
fixed sign error in geometric delay equation; now CHARA TR 90 (7/sept/04)

chara_plan_report.pdf (1.7 MB) (3.2 MB)

U,V coverage

Delay vs. UT

Visibility vs. Spatial Frequency

Position Angle vs. Hour Angle

Altitude & Azimuth

Altitude vs. Spatial Frequency

Last Update 25 May 2011
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